Round the world: British Airways Club Europe, London to Manchester LHR-MAN in an Airbus A320

map BA 8

Here we have it….the last flight of 7 in a series that took me around the globe in style. This flight technically wasn’t a necessity but in order to maximise Oneworld partners flown on the trip I saved BA till last.

I made use of the First Wing at T5, this is a fast track through a more private security that delivers you into Galleries First Lounge. The BA Christmas tree looked lovely.


Once in the lounge I showered and had a bite to eat with a touch of the bubbles.

I left Galleries First Lounge to go to gate A5 about 5 minutes before scheduled boarding. Once at the gate the staff announced a 10 minute delay in boarding. Once onboard I spoke to a great CSM called Nicholas & we chatted about the trip that I had been on, he asked if I wanted to visit the flight deck and speak with the Captain – of course I said yes, what better way to finish off this journey.

977629F9-B06B-4BA9-929A-078451FD0892The Captain was a really nice man and we chatted for 5 or so minutes, he was intrigued by my love for flying and the trip I was concluding.

First officer Phil reporting for duty (taken by the Captain)


We had a slight delay for refuelling but nothing too bad, I settled in seat 1A as we taxied out.


Once airborne I had afternoon tea with Champagne….a little slice of Home.


I just love the Club short haul product and this short flight further cemented my view as BA being a world class airline. The crew on most of their flights are interesting, knowledgeable and professional.


So that’s the end of my journey to fly around the globe. I’m tired, happy, emotional and surrounded by my family at home ❤️

Would I do something like this again? Yes….but not today ✈️

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