Round the world: Japan Airlines Business Class, Tokyo Narita to Los Angeles in a Boeing 777-300ER NRT-LAX

map nrt 6

The flight in from Hong Kong arrived on time and as it would transpire the furthest gate from international flight connections…..not to worry good to get the blood flowing. I was the first to disembark and as I walked the halls of the airport to go through security there was no one about, it was like walking through a post apocalyptic high-tec shopping mall. Endless moving walkways!

Once through security (only me going through at the time, very strange) I made my way to the Sakura First lounge. Champagne and celebrity encounter as noted in my previous post.

After 45 minutes I collected my things and proceeded to the gate, Japan Airlines board on time and super quick so it pays to be there at the specified time.
I had selected a Sky suite in the forward Business Class cabin where there is only one row of seats (much like American and Cathay’s mini cabins on the 777). This made for an immensely private and personal service by a genuinely special crew. My Wife says I get good crew very often because I’m a funny, decent and polite human…unlike most of the other ‘entitled’ passengers she labels as shits. From experience it pays not to argue with my Wife, so for the purposes of this – I shall agree.

Upon boarding I was offered a sleeper cardigan (way too small for most Western Men), an amenity kit, pillows, blankets, slippers, champagne and juice.

We took off exactly to schedule then once up in the air I was offered a hot fragrant towel and a menu for the 9 hour flight. The menu had both Western and Japanese with a dine-on-demand selection for later in the flight. I chose the Japanese menu.

Amuse bouche, the smoked slow cook egg was scrummy

IMG_4258Then a bento box of fresh tastes including yellow tail, Eel, squid, crabmeat, salmon, maki, sashimi and chrysanthemum!

Then for the hot course of slow cooked Eel, broiled Ox tongue, sticky rice, pickles and a mushroom soup.

To finish I had the lemon citrus cake and a Baileys on ice.

With 7 hours left in the flight I thought some sleep was in order, the Sky Suites are pretty comfortable as beds and I managed 4 hours almost solid sleep.

When I awoke I looked at the selection for JAL’s equivalent of the Club kitchen on BA. Dried sliced Squid!?!?

I then ordered from the dine as you wish menu first I had the Chilli cheese dog and deep fried Octopus balls.

Then I had the JAL signature noodles – my good Lord the noodles were amazing!

Blade Runner?

For the rest of the flight I chatted with the cabin crew and drank 5 or 6 cocktails, to be honest it was the first time I really drank more than one drink per hour for the whole journey – didn’t want to miss flights by being tipsy….hahaha

As we approached LAX I changed into a clean shirt and signature tie, the crew were very amazed at how alert and fresh I still looked…me too!

An excellent flight in elegant surroundings….a few hours in Los Angeles then it’s flight number 6, and to the shores I call home.


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