Round the world: Japan Airlines Business Class, Hong Kong to Tokyo Narita in a Boeing 787-9 HKG – NRT

map hkg 5

I left the Cathay Pacific First Class cabana feeling as if I hadn’t travelled at all, high praise indeed! I approached the gate for flight number 4 of my round the world trip with delight…this would be my first time with JAL.

Upon arriving at the gate I could see a shiny new dreamliner waiting to be flown.
The 787-9 from Japan Airlines feature their JAL Sky Suite as a Business class product, an award winning seat no less. I can see why, it is spacious and private…although the armrests are too low!?!?

The usual amenities were waiting at the seat, with the addition of slippers – not something you would see on other airlines with a flight time of 3 hours 25 minutes.

Boarding was extremely efficient and we departed exactly on time. Once airborne I was offered a warm towel and a menu for the 3 hour ish flight.

I was then asked what beverage I would like, I opted for Sake and a Japanese beer – my first beer on a plane I think…

For lunch I ordered the Japanese selection which consisted of many items including:

IMG_4144Egg custard with Shrimp, Duck breast, Crabmeat roll, dried mullet roe, miso soup, sea bass, simmered pork, egg cake, kelp and Conger Eel sushi….eat your heart out YoSushi!


Hello little swimmer

After that taste sensation I chose Ice cream and a Baileys.

IMG_4177The crew were very attentive throughout the flight, the most respectful cabin crew I have flown with…by the end of the flight even I had started bowing.

As we approached Tokyo I could feel myself nodding off…..the trip was starting to catch up with me, definitely sleep for the next flight is in order – next stop Los Angeles.
I now love Japan airlines by the way, lucky for me that’s the operator of flight number 5 too!

Upon landing I made my way to the First Class JAL lounge to freshen up before my next  Flight in 90 minutes. As I was pouring some Champagne it occurred the woman stood next to me was Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy.

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