Saga Class (Business): Icelandair, Manchester to Rekjavik to Toronto (MAN-KEF-YYZ) in a Boeing 757


This was a last minute booking and I was very impressed with the price £1500.00 for a return fully flexible Business Class ticket weekdays with no Saturday stay (48hr turnaround). I will say that this is good value for a purchase made within 28 days of departure.

I arrived at the airport a little later than usual due to traffic on the Motorway, so I headed directly for the gate and bypassing the very average Aspire lounge that is provided to Saga Class passengers. My first flight would be a lunchtime flight MAN to KEF where I would have a connection onto YYZ.


Boarding was commenced approximately 25 minutes before scheduled departure and I was the second to board (but the first to turn left – as Icelandair board via middle door).

seat 1a

This was my first time flying with them and I selected 1A as I prefer seats that have no one in front to recline into my space, as these were not flatbed seats but Business recliners it was essential.

It was very private with no row 1 on the opposite side and no passenger in the seat next to me.

As we departed I noticed Royal Squadron 32. which is the Queen’s aircraft for short haul travel (also used by the British Government).


Once up in the air the crew offered menus and a choice of beverage. I opted for Champagne and I had pre-ordered the Salmon with Lobster sauce, nonetheless I browsed the menu and found it to be impressive for a 2hr flight.

With drinks I was offered a box of pretzels.

I was then offered over-ear noise cancelling headphones, I have my own but impressed that Icelandair have this amenity all the same.


I settled into my rather comfy recliner seat with some champagne whilst looking out at the glorious day and feeling relaxed.

Approximately 25 minutes into the flight my lunch was served. It was very tasty and certainly suitable for a circa 2 hr flight. The Salmon was still moist and the dessert of sticky toffee pudding was excellent.

lunch manchester

After dinner I had a cocktail and perused the on-board magazine, wasn’t the worst I’ve read but nothing outstanding here either.

Before I knew it….time to land.

Upon landing I departed the aircraft first and headed to passport control. At Keflavik airport you have to go through passport control in order to visit the Saga Lounge, it only takes 2 minutes at most with an EU passport.


I arrived at the Saga Lounge with just over an hour before boarding my next flight. I had heard impressive things about this lounge. I would say it was fine, nothing special but good enough. They had chocolates and sparkling wine….it did the trick.

I left the lounge to go to the next flight to Toronto with 10 minutes to spare before boarding commenced. When I arrived at the gate the boarding had just begun. For this flight I had selected 2F – again a bulkhead as there are no seats in front. It was fortunate that again I would have no one sat next to me.

seat 2

As boarding was taking place the crew offered Prosecco as a pre-departure beverage.

hostess drinks

There were only 8 Saga Class passengers which would result in a very attentive service throughout the flight. I caught a look at he cockpit whilst using the facilities.


We departed on time and once airborne I was offered popcorn and a drink, I asked if the crew could make me an Aperol Spritz…..they obliged 🙂

The crew asked when I would like to dine, I said as soon as it was ready please. I again made use of the pre-order facility and this time on the recommendation of a friend chosen the Saga Lamb….EXCELLENT! Tender, juicy, flavourful a truly exceptional meal for any cabin, I had a second portion.


The dessert was one of my favourites….lemon meringue pie. I then had a few Campari and Soda whilst taking in the views from the window.


The flight was scheduled for 5hrs 15 minutes, after my food and booze extravaganza there was only 2 1/2 hrs left so I decided to take a nap. This is where the Saga product falls drastically short. The recline is significant but when you are used to a flatbed or at worst an angled bed – a recliner seat just isn’t good enough. However I did manage to doze for a couple of hours with the aid of the large pillow and blanket provided. I freshened up with the amenity kit that was amply stocked and then we landed 10 minutes ahead of schedule.


Overall I would recommend this product, the service was 10/10, the food was 9/10, the lounge was 6/10 and the hard product was 6/10. For one of the most low-cost Business Class options this impressed me.

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