Business Class: Aer Lingus, Dublin to Los Angeles in an Airbus A330-200 (DUB-LAX)



This flight actually came about because of a technical issue on the American Airlines flight from Manchester. We were very lucky to be rerouted via Dublin and secure the last 4 Business class seats on their direct flight, all other options would have us arriving a day late. As it turns out this was a fantastic flight and actually got us to LAX only 27 minutes later than our original route. The benefit of this routing allowed us to pre-clear US customs in Dublin and then make use of the 51st green lounge that is relatively new and has great views of the airport activity around it.


We found the food choices to be ample and most sufficient as we only had approximately 30 minutes to wait anyway.


As we were late to the party so to speak the seat choice was middle pair in row one and middle pair in row six. We were travelling as a family of four so this wasn’t too much of an issue to be honest.

Boarding was easy and once in our seats we were offered menus, amenity kits and a pre-departure beverage of Champagne, juice or water.

I found the seat to have a reasonable amount of storage space and it felt open and spacious. The centre seats are great when travelling as a couple or with family, but if I was alone I would definitely secure the single ‘throne seats’.

I browsed the VOD system and found it to have a great range of classic and modern films, I prefer to watch a familiar film rather than a new one on aircraft.


The cabin service manager welcomed most of the Business Class passengers by name with a handshake and a thank you for choosing Aer Lingus, he was one of if not the most professional cabin crew I have encountered….this would continue throughout the flight.

Once airborne we were given free wifi codes and an amuse bouche with another glass of Champagne.


The food service began around 40 minutes into the flight and I chose the Chicken liver Pate, accompanied by the best chutney I’ve ever had.


I followed up with a main course of Fish pie as recommended by the crew…again delicious!


The dessert is where I feel the let the meal service down, it wasn’t up to the standard of the two previous courses, but I didn’t leave any 🙂 Yes….that’s Goldfinger on the VOD.


After dinner I settled down for a nap, this lasted all of 5 minutes and then I started to fiddle around with the seat controls and decided to finish Goldfinger with a Bacardi and Coke….with an enormous quantity of lemon slices in the glass!?!?

The rest of the flight continued with relative ease, my kids are both frequent flyers each having attained Oneworld Emerald (BA Gold Card) and they really enjoyed it giving it the thumbs up.

The seats/beds were good, the food was great and the service by the crew was outstanding. I would have no hesitation in recommending this service to LAX. Miles ahead of American Airlines  business class, nearly as good as BA Club, from me that’s high praise indeed.

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