Inter-Island First Class: Hawaiian Airlines, Honolulu to Maui in a Boeing 717 (HNL-OGG)


This is the shortest commercial flight I’ve taken, lasting only 24 minutes it isn’t going to a massively lengthy report.


We arrived at the Honolulu inter-island terminal around 75 minutes before our flight, this was due to having no bags to check-in and knowing the lounge was lacking in the Food & beverage department.

Security took 5 minutes to clear and we headed straight to the lounge. The lounge is perfectly nice if a little drab but the options of pre-packaged snacks, soft drinks and hot drinks isn’t exactly outstanding.

We made sure we were at the boarding gate ahead of time as it was only a small Boeing 717 and even though we were in First class I wanted to make sure we secured the overhead locker space.

My 6 year old Daughter was the first passenger to board and we took our seats across the two front row pairs.


Once boarding was complete (with Hawaiian music playing throughout boarding which was cool) we were asked for our drinks orders for after take off. I opted for a Mai Tai, the kids ordered cokes.

Once in the air the views were very good, being able to see Diamond head and the inviting waters below.

It felt like the flight had only just begun and then the Captain stated we were beginning our descent. The crew had been attentive, the flight super quick and fun. However for First Class prices I expect a better soft product and packaged biscuits with drinks served in plastic cups just isn’t going to cut it, improve that element and it’s a great product.

Was this flight essential in First Class? No, but we enjoyed it and that was the important thing…..Maui was gorgeous!

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