Domestic (Club Europe): British Airways, London to Manchester (LHR-MAN) in a Boeing A320

After many years of absence a fully fledged domestic business class is back with BA…thank goodness!


I found it aggravating to pay £2,500-£6,000 per ticket for a long haul Business or First Class with BA to find yourself stuck traveling to and from the hub domestically in an economy set up with the person next to you potentially paying £40 for their seat. This has been rectified and now we can enjoy the pleasures of a short haul product which provides you with a full meal service additional seating space in a separated cabin, alcoholic beverages and champagne.


Today I would be travelling LHR to MAN ironically and no long haul flights were involved….however this allowed me to try the new First wing at T5 which was superb and leads directly into the Galleries First lounge. We headed out to the terrace as it was set up for a summer Gin festival, it looked nice and I always love to listen to the bustle of the airport below.


My Wife was with me and we enjoyed a late lunch in the lounge opting for a BA burger and a Crayfish sandwich, both very tasty. Our sweet tooth encouraged us to partake in some very delicious cakes too. We had a few glasses of the Henriot Rose, I find it be an able bodied Champagne, I would however like to see a bottle of Bollinger Rose make an appearance now and then, but nonetheless it relaxed us nicely.


We headed down to the gate fairly last minute as it was departing from the A gates below the lounge and we had no carry-on luggage to stow. Fast track boarding had just started with around 5 or 6 people in front of us. We boarded took our seats in 1A and 1C and the crew came to take our jackets. Boarding was fairly swift as the plane was only half full.

Once the aircraft door was closed, the CSD came over to welcome me by name and thank me (a usual greeting when fewer elite frequent flyers are on board – or you are no.1). She had a polite chat with me and then the crew came round with hot towels.

After take off the crew quickly moved into action to serve the cabin with their drinks of choice and a meal tray.


With this flight being 35-45 minutes I think it is fantastic that the crew can distribute everything out so efficiently and we as passengers still have enough time to eat it. I had the Chicken salad with Champagne, cake and a Bacardi & coke…yum!

Overall I cannot recommend this service enough, fast efficient, luxurious and fully satisfying. To me the domestic Club Europe product is a no brainer and a home run.

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