Club Europe: British Airways, London-Milan-London in an Airbus A320 (LHR-MXP-LHR)

We were getting to the last few weeks of the kids summer holidays and we decided to squeeze a quick weekend away to Lake Como.


I chose Milan Malpensa airport as it was closer to where we wanted to stay at the former home of the Pirelli family in Varese.


I don’t usually post a return trip but as the flights are shorter in nature and the trip was with my family I thought I might do so this time.

We had some nice food, drinks and snacks at the British Airways Terraces lounge at T3 Manchester while we awaited our connection down to Heathrow, the children were in good spirits and my Wife and I had a relaxing few drinks.

We boarded on time and BA had blocked out the entire front row for the domestic flight (something they often do on quiet flights for Elite frequent flyers.)


As we entered the clouds the kids thought it would be funny to leave Mummy all alone and join me on the 1A,B,C side of the aircraft.

We arrived at Heathrow and headed to Galleries First for more refreshments and to see the ‘in lounge selling’ with the commercialisation of the lounges –something I’m not against and do see as an obvious revenue stream for BA, if that money reinvests into the lounge then why not?

Ice cream snack…again why not!

Boarding was on time and we settled in to row one.


This was an evening flight to Milan and as such the meal would be hot. I had the Blackened Cod with celeriac mash followed by cheese and biscuits. My Son had the warm chicken kebab skewers with a salad – both excellent.


My Wife sabotaged my selfie effort and told me to stop taking pictures and simply enjoy the flight, so I gave her the camera.

We arrived 10 minutes early and took the hotel shuttle bus to the Hilton. (we came back in the morning to pick up the hire car to drive to Lake Como and Varese.)

We had a fantastic time and the weather really was perfect.

After a few nights of swimming, eating and exploring it was time to head home. We were all looking forward to our mid-afternoon return with BA – as a family we are all flying buffs with the kids being Elite frequent flyers in their own right.

We boarded and took our seats on row one, I managed to take some nice shots as we ascended.

In the air we were served nuts and drinks, with my little Girl opting to enjoy a movie on the ipad, my Son chose to catch up on Business life…

It was a charcuterie plate for the meal – always one of my all-time favourite Club Europe meals.


It is a favourite of my Wife’s too, she finds the Champagne helps to pass the time as do I.


Great views up in the air … today (see what I did there)


The staff on both flights were attentive, polite, knowledgable and friendly. All of our flights were on-time or early and we got back home feeling happy and with more memories of great flights, wonderful hotel and an all-round fab little trip away.

Thank you BA.


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