Flagship First Class: American Airlines, Los Angeles to New York Transcon in a Airbus A321 (LAX-JFK)

This was my first flight on the new A321 TransCon with American Airlines and let me say this is how coast to coast should be done.


There was something really cool about walking through the Admirals Club with a key card to a better lounge.


Now don’t get me wrong the flagship lounge at LAX is more akin to an average BA Galleries Club one but still when you are flying domestic its feels palatial.

I started the day with some breakfast and relaxed listening to the soundtrack to Conan the Barbarian…I was in an adventurous heroic mood I guess?


The flight boarded on time and I was very impressed with the 1-1 seating in Flagship First (actually a derivative of the reverse herringbone business class on the 777-300).


The amenity kit, Bose headphones and a welcome drink followed soon after boarding with cabin crew calling us by our names.


As this was a morning flight it was a breakfast meal service with the Chicken/apple sausages and waffles.

Later in the flight it would seem my mission was consuming every treat on-board!


I had an indulgent time…

I decided to revisit an old favourite of mine with Romancing the Stone – but it made me miss my Wife as we usually watch that together.


Took a nap to sleep off the food/Amaretto and thoughts of home, knowing I was going to be reunited with her the next day anyway (I had only been away 2 nights! Big softy me…hahaha)


When I woke up the crew had found me one last Disaronno!


All in all a fantastic flight, on-time, quick service attentive younger cabin crew (a rarity on AA these days) but most of all a great seat for a TransCon flight…the only way it should be done frankly if you are paying First Class prices.

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