Club World: British Airways, Las Vegas to London in a Boeing 747-400 Upper Deck (LAS-LHR)

It had been a great week in Vegas with our best Friends; we stayed at the Wynn/Encore taking suites in the Encore property. The weather had been fantastic, the food luxurious and even a couple of grand in winnings from the casino – all said a pretty darn good Vegas trip!


Before we left the hotel we had some snacks and cocktails at the Encore lobby bar, having travelled through Vegas many times I knew the Las Vegas Club lounge at McCarren was nothing to get too excited about. We headed to the airport with enough time to clear security and have a few drinks in the lounge, as we were sitting drinking reminiscing about the good times, my friend realised that David Prowse was sat behind us. For those who don’t know that is Darth Vader from the original trilogy of Star Wars films. He was asleep so we didn’t disturb him having both met him before.


The lounge boards were showing a slight delay of 30 minutes – perfectly normal on this route and almost always the time is made up in the air for on time landings at Heathrow. We headed to the gate just after 9pm and boarded around 9.20pm.

Once boarded, we proceeded up the stairs to the Upper Deck cabin of the 747. Without question the best Club World seating/cabin available. I had selected 62 A/B and 63A/B (giving us two of the best seats in Club)

We had some pre-departure drinks and settled in our comfortable seating. The girls had said they wanted to get some sleep so my friend and I sat together so we could have a chat and a few drinks – something the yin-yang layout of Club World is especially good for.


The CSD welcomed us at our seat before take-off, something my friend who is not a frequent BA traveller just hadn’t seen before but he liked it – as we all do!


Once in the air we were offered drinks and nuts, coming over all American I had a Jack & coke.


We browsed the menu and found there was only one offering for the starter, this had been in the trial period of limiting the menu. (something I am happy did not continue)


With no other choice I had the Asparagus with Quails eggs, it wasn’t great. My friend asked me if he could have an alternative, luckily for him the CSD was there and he straight away said he would bring us something from the First menu. I was happy the crew wanted to provide a full service – even if on this occasion BA head office had decided a trial to attempt cost cutting would prevent them from doing so. (Since the trial BA have actually gone the other way, with a pledge to spend £400 million more on Club World over the coming years.)


I opted for the Red Snapper to follow as I am not the biggest fan of the Beef BA source from McCarren Airport.


After dinner we were joined for a Few drinks by my friends Fiancé – we thought the girls had gone to sleep….they had not, whilst they were talking I took this snap – ahhh young love!


Not long after we all thought we better get to sleep, it had been a long week and we had a blast – but even we had to rest at some point. My friend unlike myself requires plenty of sleep and happy to report the Club bed didn’t let him down.


We were woken by the crew for the breakfast meal service around an hour out of Heathrow. I had the fresh fruit and cinnamon roll – with a Bacardi (still on holiday)


Then I had the bacon, sausage with omelette. Good start to the day.


We landed late after circling Heathrow for far too long, we all had a connecting flight to catch which took away valuable lounge time at Heathrow, other than that it was a great flight with fantastic people.

I think we decided on Tokyo next…or was it Vienna? Wherever it is I’m sure the four of us will have another ace trip.


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