‘Farage’First Class: British Airways, London to Las Vegas in a Boeing 747-400(LHR-LAS)

Las Vegas is a frequent destination for me for a myriad of reasons; 1. I love it 2. My Wife loves it 3. It is host to many conventions and business events.

This trip was for a window exhibition and I was looking forward to it. I arrived as I do for most of my flights to Manchester Airport Terminal 3 to catch a domestic connection down to London Heathrow. I still hold the Terraces lounge at Manchester in high regard; it doesn’t have the most elaborate dining facilities with food being sandwiches, soups and cold buffet. It does however have a fully stocked bar, ample seating, great staff, with nice views of the runway and plenty of seating.

Once at Heathrow I had to transfer from T5 to T3 where BA operates their Las Vegas flights from. I use the Heathrow Express rather than the internal Heathrow bus transfer, gives me chance for a last cigarette and I find it can be just as quick with the ability to use fast track security at T3.


I headed to Galleries First lounge as T3 doesn’t offer a Concorde lounge for First passengers. I was hungry so I decided to head to the dining room. It was a glorious day at the airport and watching the aircraft whilst drinking Champagne and consuming one of the better items from the Galleries First menu, Manchego cheese and potato croquets with a red pepper sauce and topped with a rustic cedar crisp.


I decided to skip my pre-booked spa treatment and opted instead to catch up with a friend from Switzerland and have a few drinks.

The flight was showing on time for boarding so I headed to the gate about 20 minutes before boarding would start. The gates at Terminal 3 can be ridiculously far to walk – today was no exception!


I boarded as they called for First passengers alongside a couple who were travelling for a visit to see their daughter. I had selected seat 1A, the best seat in the house, as we were welcomed aboard I could see the couple talking ‘covertly’ about me….the husband was seated in 1K, the wife in 2K, the dreaded “could we swap seats with you please”.

Now two things here:

  1. I earned my status and the right to select so called ‘special seats’
  2. When I travelled with my Wife at the time she was a BA Silver/Oneworld Sapphire and I asked the same of a lone traveller – he obliged for us to sit together.

In my mind I wasn’t overly happy about moving, but I did it with a smile immediately and made the couple very happy indeed as they said they hadn’t done it before. In reality travelling alone myself it made no difference, it was only the 5 year old in me that wanted to sit in the nose of a 747…something I’ve been fortunate to do many times…grow up I hear you say.


I sat in my new seat 2K with a glass of Champagne and let the fun begin.


The CSD introduced himself at my seat and offered me the usual menu, slippers, pyjamas and amenity kit. I had already ordered my food online but I browsed the offerings anyway.

As we departed a I had a nice view of Concorde, an aircraft I never had the pleasure of flying.


Once up in the air I enjoyed a Woodford reserve and coke. Before I knew it the food arrived. The first course was very tasty, Scallops with a Lobster & carrot puree


I had the Chilean Sea Bass with brown Shrimp to follow. Unusually for me I didn’t have anything to finish….not food anyway, maybe a touch of the bubbly.


I decided to have a little walk to allow my food to settle and whilst talking with the crew they told me Nigel Farage was on board today seated on the Upper Deck in Club World – Mr Brexit himself!

Whatever your political leanings it always seems like a good idea to remind a politician that he’s not sat in First Class and you are…naughty I know, but I couldn’t resist.

We had a very nice conversation actually; he and his party were heading out to Las Vegas for the Donald Trump election rally. With Nigel being Trump’s Best friend in the UK it was interesting to see him heading out to support the Presidential bid. He seemed honoured and excited, to be fair I totally understand it – being so close to real power is intoxicating. I respect him as he stood for something and never gave up – doesn’t mean I agree with all of his political views but I found him to be very funny and engaging. Before I headed back to First Class I thought it apt to get a picture with him, glad I did it turned out great!


Once back in my suite I decided to sleep for the remaining 5 hours and skip the second meal service, I needed to hit Vegas ready to party as I would be meeting a large group just and hour or so after I landed. Just before I lowered the blinds I had a nice view of the sunset on the clouds.


The cabin crew woke me around 30 minutes before landing (as I had requested), a quick change from my PJ’s to my suit and a refresh for an on time landing. Another great flight aboard the Queen of the skies.


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