Club World: British Airways, London to Hong Kong in a Airbus A380 (LHR-HKG)


I started my journey as I often do at Manchester Airport with the BA domestic connection down to Heathrow T5, I listened to some music and drank some champagne in the BA Terraces lounge. Upon arriving at T5 I headed to the Louis Vuitton store to buy a new phone cover, the day after would be my Birthday so why not?

After my purchase I headed to Galleries First and enjoyed their seasonal Thanksgiving hot sub roll with some champagne.


When it came time to head to the gates I knew it would be a C gate as all A380 aircraft operate from satellite C. I decided to walk rather than use the monorail. I was on my own and facing a lengthy flight to Hong Kong so I thought why not get the blood flowing. I was the only one down here (as expected!)


Boarding was swift and I made my way to the upper deck.


My favoured seats 53A/K were taken so I chose 52K, which in fact turned out nicely with nobody occupying 53J. The front cabin of the Upper Deck is in my opinion the quietest and best. There is no through traffic, the galley is behind you and the lavatories are just huge upstairs.

The CSD came to welcome me on board at my seat and informed me that we may have a 30 minute delay on departure. Welcome drinks were flowing and I was comfortable so it was no great pain for me. As it turned out we took off around 20 minutes late, however we were advised of an on time arrival at HKG.


I had pre-ordered my meal and had chosen the Duck in plum sauce with rice and vegetables. From browsing the menu I decided to have the smoked salmon starter. Both were very tasty if unremarkable, but made better with a few G&T’s. I really enjoyed the Lemon Torte, certainly one of the better BA desserts I’ve had.

I watched a documentary on the life of Leonard Nimoy which was very heartfelt and just showed the impact of Star Trek and Spock on popular culture.


Before I got some sleep I had a walk around, if nothing else just to digest dinner properly.

Now when I would get up it would be my birthday, My Wife had put cards in my suitcase with instructions from the kids to open them with breakfast…I did. It was lovely, the crew wished me a happy birthday as they delivered my breakfast. I had the fruit (very nice) followed by a Bloody Mary and the Full English – Yum!


This had been a pretty decent BA flight, the crew were very nice the CSD was one of the best I’ve had and the food was pretty good too.


We approached Hong Kong with no delay and I thought there are certainly worse ways to turn 33! Now onto my connecting flight to Vietnam.

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