Club World: British Airways, Bahamas to Grand Cayman in a Boeing 767-300ER (NAS-GCM)

While searching for options to travel from the Bahamas to the Cayman Islands a friend of mine said he vaguely remembered being on a BA flight that when he offloaded in Nassau there were people staying on to travel to Grand Cayman. This is a fifth freedom route, whereby an airline has the ability to operate flights between two countries not of their own.


The flying time between the two locations is only a mere 1hr 20mins. The 767 BA sends from Heathrow is equipped with World Traveller, World Traveller Plus and Club World. I opted for Club even though it was a short flight as it gave me the opportunity to fly an outgoing Club World seat on the 767 and because I prefer the surroundings of a premium cabin on any route.


Check in was very easy as there were only 5 passengers and security took a mere moment. The lounge was only occupied by my family which was a most welcome bonus and a rarity!

Boarding was swift as there were passengers still on the aircraft from London and only a handful of new passengers (my family of four being all but one) boarding at Nassau. Once on-board I was shown to my seat 1J and welcomed by the CSD.


The cabin looked as good as it could, this is an older aircraft due for retirement and it showed, but not too bad.

Take off was swift and once up in the skies we were offered mixed nuts and champagne. I found the seat to be adequate for the short trip and the fact it was more than half empty meant we received very attentive service.


The views were stunning from the aircraft as we flew over Cuba and surrounding islands.


There is nothing quite like views such as this from an aircraft, they are part of my love for flying.


Was this a necessary flight? Yes, it allowed me to make the most of our trip to the  Caribbean without having to sail. Was the Club World cabin necessary? For most No – for me Yes….we all have things we like to spend our money on…flying and flying well is my vice. Fabulous flight with THE world’s favourite airline.


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