Club Europe: British Airways, Gothenburg to London in a Airbus A321 (GOT-LHR)

got 1British Airways changed Club Europe a couple of years ago and slightly reduced the seat pitch. Because they used slim line seats the leg room reduction was in my opinion hardly noticeable…maybe because I mainly sit on the front row? The reason they did this was to have the ability to convert a short haul aircraft from 5 rows of Club, to 2, to none at all on a domestic run. This in my opinion was a very smart move allowing maximum flexibility across the fleet. The blocked ‘middle’ seat still remains with a very luxuriously appointed middle table for drinks and phones etc. The dividing curtain wall between Business and Economy is again alterable, a sliding wall to make the cabin the right size for the passenger requirements on that day.

got 7

Anyway…to the flight itself. The lounge offering at Gothenburg is basic but acceptable. A shared lounge (not BA operated) with limited food and limited beverages – none the less it is enough and ticks boxes it just doesn’t feel luxurious.

got 4

After an hour in the lounge I headed to the gate. The flight was showing as an on-time departure and boarding was called shortly after.


I was in the first handful of people to board the plane and I took my seat on the front row at 1C. The CSD welcomed me back my name (as BA Gold privilege if the crew remember – which I find 85% of the time they do) and was very pleasant indeed.


The Captain informed us we would be pushing back soon and that there would be an almost immediate take off due to the lack of air traffic. We jetted into the air with a competent take off and I looked forward to my 1.5 hour flight ahead. A chance to unwind drink, eat and listen to music.

The Champagne I was offered upon commencement of the drinks service was a new one, The House Champagne of the Ritz in London. I prefer this to the old Club Europe offering of Monopole Blue Top – this has a better balanced taste to it – good upgrade BA accountants, I approve.

got 3

I had the charcuterie plate & then fruit and it was tasty, light, fresh and very good indeed to be honest.

got 9

I headed for the galley and had a chat with the CSD – we have flown together before and I find her to be someone I like and therefore always try to have a five minute catch up…not friends but casual acquaintances.

got 2

The Cabin was only half sold in Club and it appeared most of the passengers wanted to keep themselves to themselves. It is a short flight and it was a Saturday morning so I guess it makes sense.

got 5

I managed to get a few shots of the newly landed snow whilst in the air. The rest of the flight went without incident and we arrived 10 minutes ahead of schedule at T5 with a 747 insight.

got 6

To Fly to Serve at it’s very best.


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