Domestic First Class: American Airlines, Las Vegas to Los Angeles in a Boeing 737-800 (LAS-LAX)

I was heading to Los Angeles for a business meeting and a few days in the sun. It was a fairly last minute trip and all the direct flights to LAX from Heathrow were full. BA offered me a route via Las Vegas with an overnight in the city and a night at the Bellagio for a saving of £1,287 over the direct business class to LAX fare. My flights would be LHR-LAS in Club World and then LAS to LAX in domestic First class the following morning. It was to me a perfect deal. I had a nice evening in Vegas with some gambling and food and arrived at my 11am meeting in California the following day sans jet lag.

las 3

This Terminal has a special place in my heart as it was used in the filming of the best road trip/buddy movies ever… Midnight Run with Robert De Niro and Charles Grodin.

There is no lounge for AA at McCarran airport but there is a plethora of eating establishments and gambling options (smoking and none). I arrived about an hour before departure, grabbed a coffee and a muffin, played a little on the slots and then headed off to the gate.


Boarding was five minutes behind schedule but nothing to worry about on a 45 minute flight. Once on board the crew took my jacket to hang up and offered me a pre-departure drink of water or juice.

las 4

Once boarding was complete the crew took drinks orders for up in the air. I went with a Vodka Cranberry as it was early morning and my thought was at least it was partially a breakfast item…hehe.

The seat next to me was vacant; as such I was able to get some nice shots of Vegas as we departed – it was a nice day too so that helped.

Once airborne drinks were brought to us with an offering from the snack basket, nut bars, chips, sweets and chocolate, I didn’t have anything as I was still full from the overly sweet muffin earlier.

las 7

The flight was smooth and the Captain advised us we would be having an on time arrival but would be in the LAX holding pattern for 5 minutes or so. I headed off to the galley to have a chat with Valerie the First class crew member; she had been with AA for 20 years after moving over from TWA. She was an interesting Lady with some great stories about famous people in the air from Presidential candidates to Chuck Norris. Such a shame it was a short flight because we were having quite a laugh.


The Captain asked for passengers to take their seats and we started the approach. Nice landing and not too long a taxi to the gate.


As I departed the aircraft Valerie said it was a pleasure to have me on board and gave my arm a little rub in a very warming way…much like a mother would…if that makes sense? Lovely Lady and a great flight offering by AA.

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