Domestic First Class: American Airlines Dallas to Chicago in a McDonnell Douglas S80 (DFW-ORD)

First of all I love the MD80’s or S80’s. They look like they are some sort of space rocket ready to take you to the moon.


American Airlines, once the largest operator of the McDonnell-Douglas MD-80 series of aircraft, has quietly announced the retirement date of the iconic aircraft: by the end of 2017. So as with the 747, when I get the chance I will fly them before they go.

It was a very bright summers day at Dallas Fort Worth and they way the sun shone on the aircraft assembled at the gates was pretty blinding but the older livery AA planes really stood out and looked gorgeous.

This was going to be a fairly short 2hrs or so flight so I had a nice lunch in the Admirals Club and a couple of glasses of white wine. I caught up with the news on the lounge TV and then headed off to the gate.


Boarding commenced on time and as a First Class passenger and Oneworld Emerald I was able to proceed immediately.

I was welcomed on-board by a really friendly crew member who for the first time on AA domestic…showed me to my seat! Wow…impressive indeed.

We pushed back on time and taxied out, take off was smooth and exciting in this plane, they seem faster and more responsive somehow….me being a big kid again, some people never grow up.


After take off we were offered drinks from the bar and warm mixed nuts. I was seated at the window in 3F. Some people prefer not to be on the front row, but I never liked the idea of a seat being in front of me….to me ‘face space’ a I put it is paramount.

The flight being only a short one and not at a distinct meal time we were served a light snack. Perfectly acceptable for a short flight. Pita breads and a cold salad…tasty and refreshing.


I spent the rest of the flight listening to music and reading this months American way…something I do like to read not just because it is there. I had a couple more drinks and relaxed.


As I said before this was a glorious summers day – and the view on the Chicago approach was fab!


Great aircraft, great flight, great service and great views! Thanks AA.

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