Business Class: American Airlines, Chicago to Dublin in a Boeing 767 luxury liner (ORD-DUB)


Chicago is one of my favourite airports; it’s busy, well laid out, very ‘American’ and well equipped. Check in was swift, security was surprisingly quiet then I had couple of drinks and a snack in the Admirals Club.


Boarding was fine…however I wish I had waited because it was a particularly warm day and the aircraft had an issue with the air supply which meant we were on the ground at the gate for 45 minutes with little or no air while they attended to the problem…stuffy!

The cabin crew came round with water and sparkling wine to comfort us, then hot towels – as if it wasn’t warm enough. It was at this point I was glad I had chosen seat in the middle -4D. With this configuration of aircraft the 2-2-2 the only way to have aisle access and no one climbing over you is to take a seat in the middle 2. 4A-B was vacant so I did switch between the 2 blocks to look out of the window occasionally. Once the tech issue was fixed we found a take-off slot pretty quickly and headed into the clouds.

ord-dub 2

The crew came round with more drinks and nuts shortly thereafter and I settled into my angled lie flat seat. The seat isn’t the best out there for sleeping but it seems to have an infinite number of adjustable positions for relaxing upright. I actually like the seat/bed it is retro and whilst American are retiring this version it is still a good seat or at least it was in its day.

ord 1

Entertainment was on individual tablets preloaded with a vast content, these planes are too old and will be retired soon so a full refit of the VOD system isn’t cost effective. I decided to watch Dirty Rotten Scoundrels for the zillionth time…Steve Martin & Michael Caine – worse ways to spend my time. Dinner service was going to start shortly and I was very hungry.

ord-dub3…Cold vegetable salad a Starter does not make…why American WHY? Do you do this to me – I don’t like healthy stuff.


Now the main, that is more like it. Fantastic beef and the dauphinoise– just epic.


I usually go for a fruit sundae but as it was nearly bedtime I went with the heavier chocolate fudge…and Batman on the tablet.I only watched Batman sporadically as it is my favourite comic book film I have seen it many many times – just something to enjoy while I digested my rich food.

The flight was smooth with little or no turbulence, had a quick chat with some of the crew in the galley then decided to get some sleep….good flight, landed 5 minutes ahead despite the initial delay getting away. I’ll be sad to see the 767 ‘luxury liner’ or ‘silver bird’ retire but with everything that is out there in the Business Class market it is probably time to lay her to rest.



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