First Class: British Airways, London to Chicago in a Boeing 777-300ER (LHR-ORD)




This was my ‘First’ flight in BA’s new First class or ‘First Prime’. I loved every minute of it, hands down one of the best flights ever. From the Concorde lounge to my Cabana to flowing Champagne in the Cabin. I felt special, it was special.


I enjoyed the novelty of the ‘Cabana’ and the room service was a great touch. The room itself was a little stale in terms of design, but hey I’m in an airport, in the lounge in a private room…so let’s get real here.


I ordered a glass of LP Grand Siècle and the BA Burger, happy to report both were excellent indeed.


Then I went for a tipple at the bar and followed it with a ‘jet set polish’ at the spa.

Headed of to the B gates for my flight and I was welcomed on-board by two cabin crew as I was one of only two people flying in First that day. Lucky, Lucky me!


All the usual kit was brought to me and I sat with more champagne thinking my life was good and it felt goddamn awesome.

Take off was smooth from my suite in 2A. Once airborne the crew made both of us a bed in another suite so we had two each, one to dine and relax and one to sleep. Again…lucky sod for my first flight in this particular cabin.

I had quite a lot of food …. well because why not?

……and more

Took one of my favourite pictures about an hour before landing and as I sat back I felt all was well with the world.


We landed a little late, but I had such a good time I was happy to stay on board for another flight!

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