Domestic First Class: American Airlines, New York to Orlando in a Boeing 737-800 (Sky Interior) (JFK-MCO)

Domestic First can be hit and miss. Flights of 2-3hrs hit the sweet spot for me – enough time to enjoy on-board festivities but not too long to remember you are still sat angled in so called ‘First Class’.


American Airlines are in the process of re-vamping their fleet with all new planes being delivered every week. This wasn’t a new plane but it was clean and had the updated Sky Interior. This was a morning flight so breakfast service was in order with a few drinks.


I had the chicken apple sausages with a cheese omelette accompanied by a fruit salad. Then I caught up with a little work. I had a nice chat with the passenger next to me who was also a frequent flyer & a short flight was made all the better.


The crew were polite and attentive with the front cabin. Great flight no turbulence, good crew and good food…not bad AA…..not bad at all!


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