Club World: British Airways, London to Las Vegas in a Boeing 747-400 on the Upper Deck (LHR-LAS)

One of my favourite destinations is Las Vegas, it is the ‘everything is possible’ vibe I get from being there. I like to gamble, drink, party, see shows and eat….is there a better place for this? I think not.

Upper deck of the 747 is probably my favourite cabin on any aircraft. It is small, exclusive, well spaced out and quiet. British Airways are still the largest operator of the 747-400 but her days are numbered and they are being retired off over the coming years. Any opportunity to fly them….I do so.


It was a warm day at Heathrow and the lounges felt busy and stuffy. I couldn’t wait to get on-board. Boarding was efficient from the B gates at T5 (pre terminal switch to T3 for the Vegas flights).


I took seat 60J as I hadn’t tried it before, I liked it, bulkhead next to the toilet but it didn’t cause any bother to me. First to be served throughout the flight and no one to climb over me.


As we taxied out the cabin crew had to do a manual safety demo as the VOD system was playing up….not that I minded as Sarah was both very good at the demonstration and very easy on the eyes to boot.

The food service today was good but BA have served me better to be honest. The starter was excellent but the mid-west beef was a little tough. The dessert was chocolate orange mouse and very tasty.

I munched my way through the flight raiding the club kitchen for a Waitrose fruit salad and some cheese & biscuits.


The flight continued with nothing of consequence to report, the crew were on the ball. Had a chat with the Captain and he was coming towards the end of his career – lovely chap.

Just before arrival the crew brought out BA’s ace in the hole….afternoon tea, seriously always the best thing to have on flights and British Airways do it immeasurably better than the rest.


Landed on time & very ready to hit the tables…ALL IN!



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