Club Europe: British Airways, London to Istanbul in a Airbus A320 (LHR-IST)


A quick two day trip to a window industry trade show was ahead of me and who to take me there…BA of course.


Spent a long time in the lounge, not for delays I just got there early that day by accident. Needless to say I took advantage of the complimentary drinks.

Boarding was 5 minutes late but once underway it was smooth. I was in 3F today as it was a last minute booking, 3D was vacant so it made for a good flight.


The food service was more substantial due to flight time of over 3hrs and it was perfect, (they even remembered the menus today) as I was hungry ‘hungry’ if you know what I mean. Swordfish, with macaroons and cheese & biscuits with 4 bottles of blue top (mini ones).

Cabin crew on form, welcoming and quick to respond.

Everything you need for a mid-range flight, everything you expect from a European short haul business product.

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