Business Class: TAM Airlines, New York to Toronto in a Boeing 767-300 (Refit) (JFK-YYZ)


This route is a fifth freedom route and as such has an international aircraft on a very short flight. The great advantage of routes such as this are the minimal taxes and Avios in order to fly them as they are mileage based.



I used the Admirals Club Flagship First Lounge (as a Oneworld Emerald card holder). I just grabbed some basic eggs, bacon and a rather suspicious sausage and some yoghurt/granola mix washed down with a black coffee (I was still a little hung-over from the night before drinking cocktails at the Waldorf Astoria till 3am with old friends)

Boarding was brisk and efficient. Cabin crew I found to be surly but hey at least I would only have to put up with them for 55 minutes. Not so! We taxied for half an hour then sat for 20 minutes then finally take off. I managed to get a shot of a plane with my name on it wink, wink.


Food service was basic but exactly what was required as nice sandwich. As it was an international configuration aircraft and I was lets say a little tired I actually slept for 40 minutes of the flight.

Decent enough flight – not my best, but I would fly them again….shorthaul.


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