Business Class: American Airlines, London to Los Angeles in a Boeing 777-300ER (LHR-LAX)


I was heading off to Los Angeles for three reasons sign a distribution agreement attend a Gala at The Beverly Hilton and try the new 777-300ER from American Airlines.


Thankfully I can say this is one of those trips were all three reasons were valid and all surpassed my expectations.

The Admirals Club lounges at Terminal 3 is less than desirable when you are used to BA at T5 however they had popcorn and jellybeans so it put me in the ‘USA’ state of mind.


Boarding was a mere 10 minutes late but the gate was so far from the lounge I thought I had got lost and made a mistake.

Once on-board the aircraft I was suitably impressed with the clean look and the large seats ahead of me. There was ample room for everything and I was happy at the thought of spending the next 11hrs there.

Pre-departure drinks came through fast enough but it shocks me AA still use plastic cups for the sparkling wine (no champagne here). To me this is lazy, amateurish and cheap.

I ate my way through the flight as always, the food was not on par with the seat and cabin…but I’m not usually impressed by AA catering anyway.

The service was fair to good with the cabin crew opting to hide in the galley for most of the flight. It was a case of ask rather than be offered. I had a few hours sleep the seat in bed position was very comfortable and spacious indeed.

I woke up feeling peckish so I headed to the galley where they had a buffet of sandwiches and treats…they made a big deal of this, but something BA as had for years.

I enjoyed the flight and would fly it again in a heartbeat but the food and service are a little lacking.

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